What You'll Learn in Cool The Tantrums

Welcome! This course is a sampler of my 4-part ChildSightTools┬« system.  It will provide helpful strategies right away and reveal the areas in which you may want more support in the core courses

Some Important Notes:

  • This course is for parents of young kids ...
  • The following strategies are part of therapies I deliver. However, this course itself is not therapy. While I am your expert guide, I am not functioning as therapist in this course. However, it may get you started or even accompany your child's therapy with provider.
  • All child and parent scenarios and "quotes" in this course are fictional. I've combined words and situations from hundreds of client families from 25 years of practice as a licensed psychologist. These examples are very realistic! But they do not represent any single child, adult or family.

Look for the following icons in the digital workpages:

  • the binoculars for Uncover the Clues
  • the speech bubble for Transform Your Talk
  • the hearts for Connect to Calm
  • the coach for Coach for Cooperation

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